A Closer Look At Sentinel's Lovely Extremis Iron Man

We got a few teaser pictures for Sentinel's latest Iron Man figure last month, but now the company have released a whole bevy of new photos of the wonderful figure, and it's looking good. Extremis-ly good, am I right?*

The 18cm figure was first shown off at Wonder Festival, but when a figure looks this great, it's always welcome to get a bunch of gorgeous photos showing it off again. As well as looking wonderful, Extremis Iron Man comes with LEDs in the eyes and arc reactor to light them up, alternate hands for posing (and a pair of hands for repulsor blastery goodness). There's even a stand to pose him swooshing about like the Iron Avenger is wont to do.


Delightful stuff.

Extremis Iron Man is due out in May, and will set you back a hefty $170. If that price doesn't immediately dismay you, you can tootle on over to Big Bad Toy Store and pre-order one. Oh, my poor wallet.

[The Fwoosh]

*Oh god I'm so sorry

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