A Collaborative To-Do List App That You Might Actually Want To Use

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Here are two facts about me. Number 1: I have a roommate. Number 2: Sometimes I notice that there's no more dish soap in the hall closet. If my roommate and I used a collaborative to-do list app we could stay coordinated for the communal shopping, but we prefer different systems that can't sync to each other. That's why I really feel the motivation behind List Weaver.


List Weaver is a minimalist to-do app that's refreshing because it isn't looking for users. Or more accurately it's not compulsively looking to rope people in. There's more of a fly to honey strategy going on here. You build to-do lists in the app like normal, but then you can share links to the lists with supported apps like Mail or Dropbox. Once a friend, family member, colleague or whoever receives the link they can view and edit the list without having to join List Weaver or go through any type of login. That means you're not forcing a whole organizational strategy on people just to get them to buy toilet paper. When they make a change to the list you get a notification. Lists have tags and are heavily searchable. The app is free, iOS-only and iOS 7-ready. Time to get organized. [AppAddvice]


Davey Alba

I mean, Lily, if you need me to buy more dish soap just say so.