A Comfy Throne That Explodes Into Plush Stools To Seat All Your Guests

A king or queen is nothing without their subjects, so if you're on the hunt for a comfy chair that's worthy of your greatness while not leaving everyone else sitting on the floor, the Quartz marks the end of your search.

When fully assembled its modular cushions form the perfect nook to bury yourself in with a good book, just make sure all the change is out of your pockets before you plunk down. And when company comes a-callin', the segmented cushions all pop out of the Quartz chair providing ample places for everyone to sit.


If you've got kids at home the chair even makes for an over-sized puzzle that tests their shape-matching skills, and a host of other uses you'll need to think of before you even come close to justifying spending $14,000 on it. Unless of course you're actually royalty, in that case all you need to do is raise taxes a bit to bring this wonderful creation home. [Touch of Modern via Homecrux]

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