Illustration for article titled A Creepy Topless 3D-Printed Portrait: The Ideal Gift for a Person You Hate

Who wouldn’t want to receive a small and realistic replica of you without your clothes on?

Our British counterparts at Gizmodo UK report that you can order one of these terrifying Nudee models from Firebox right now. All you have to supply is a pair of pictures of the head you’d like immortalized—one from the front, another from the side—and your choice of body type (choose from slim, curvy or muscular in male or female variants). Wait 3-4weeks and, bingo, you have a creepy, 3D-printed, 8-inch figurine all of your own to do with whatever you choose.


One small stumbling block: Each one costs a frankly bewildering $210. So you really need to love the person you hate enough to give it to.

[Firebox via Gizmodo UK]


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