A Dark Cyborg Bird Of Prey Attacks, In A 5-Minute Clip From Shane Acker's 9

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A new clip from Shane Acker's 9 shows us the harrowing confrontation between the last remnants of human society — a clan of rag dolls — and a nightmarish cyber-bird. This is the clip that blew our minds at Wondercon.

The new clip also gives us more of a sense of the chaos that rag doll #9 (Elijah Wood) unleashes on the post-apocalyptic machine-ravaged world, by asking so many darn questions. And it shows just how hard this movie's killer robots are to dispose of. Acker's 9, produced by Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov, comes out September 9, in any movie theater that hasn't been overrun by dark cyborg monsters. [Sci Fi Scoop]