A Drinking Game You Play with Your iPad

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Proof is an elegantly designed web app drinking game for the iPad that encourages you to learn something about alcohol while you're drinking alcohol. But don't think of it as a college frat boy power hour drinking game, instead think fancy man with a glass of scotch drinking experience.


The "game" puts you on a virtual tour of Scotland through the use of different kinds of single malt scotches. You'll learn more about what single malt scotch is, where it's made and offer up tasting notes so you can focus on the drinking and not the getting drunk part (which will inevitably come). If it all sounds incredibly stuffy and snooty, well, it kind of is. But Proof wants you to have fun with the whole experience and I can get down with anything as long as alcohol's involved. Check it out, it's free anyway. [Proof Whisky via Uncrate]

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The title should be: The fastest way to break your iPad