A Fantastic Lego Diorama Captures Helms Deep Mid-Explosion

The breaching of Helm's Deep in The Two Towers is one of the coolest parts of what is already a pretty darn cool fight scene - and as this incredible diorama by Flickr user Grant Davis shows, it looks just as impressive made out of Lego.

There's a lot to love about Grant's diorama - not only is it packed with detail, like the small stream running up to the small gate the Uruks planted their bomb in, or the very cool textural effect he used to make Helm's Deep's wall itself - but obviously the most impressive bit of all is the way he captured the wall actually flying out, with everything from a glowing red explosion at the core, to debris knocking Uruk-Hai over and some unfortunate Rohirrim and Elves being sent flying into the air. It looks absolutely brilliant, I don't think I've ever seen such a convincing 'special effect' made in Lego - it's almost like it's a freeze frame from a video rather than an actual diorama.


Grant lifted the veil a little when he posted the build to MOCpages as part of a competition though, revealing his brilliantly constructed explosion from the back, showing how it was constructed out of translucent orange Lego pieces, and cleverly structured supports held the mid-flight minifigures and debris:

I'm quite fond of that Rohirrim on the far left holding up a flying Elf with his spear. Clever!


You can see more of Grant's Lego creations (including a very impressive Orc pit filled with fighting orcs and Uruks) on his Flickr page, linked below.

[Grant Davis on Flickr via The Brothers Brick]

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