A First Glimpse of How the PSP Will Integrate to PS Home

While our PSP wish list has yet to be fulfilled, one game called The Idol Master SP (PSP) will offer PSP users a new level of PS Home integration.


According to a translation from Gpara.com:

The Idol Master for SP is in the Home, and "Rewards" are supported, depending on the progress of the game, the Home can be used to obtain the item.

As we understand it, as you advance in Idol Master, you'll unlock clothing (and even whole avatars according to this shot) in PSHome—probably through the virtual Idol Master vending machine seen in our lead photo.

Still, precisely how this unlocking will occur is unclear. It could involve a PSP to PS3 sync, an online server or just a redeemable code. That said, this is certainly a much-needed step in connecting these various PlayStation properties to form a cohesive network. [Gpara via PlayStation Lifestyle]


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