A Fully Flushable Toilet That Comes To You

Though it's designed for use in hospitals and other medical facilities where a patient's mobility is limited, Toro's new movable Bedside Flushable Toilet also seems like the perfect way to never miss the game or your favorite TV show.

Unlike a bedpan which has to be later cleaned—and is also kind of gross—Toro's new toilet can be wheeled around a room, as far as its flexible tethered pipes can reach. What makes the portable design possible is an extra unit on the back that 'blends' the waste allowing it to squeeze down the smaller pipe. It also means there's nothing to clean afterwards, while a built-in deodorizer deals with other unpleasant side effects.


But convenience doesn't come cheap, and in this case the guarantee that you don't have to tear yourself away from the TV will set you back just north of $5,500. [DigInfo TV]

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