A Gas-Powered Sharpener Chews Through Pencils Like an Army of Beavers

What do you do when a friend hands you a broken nitro-powered RC car they found in trash? If you’re a do-it-youselfer like Mike Moyer, you of course get the engine back into working condition and then turn the whole thing into an over-the-top gas-powered pencil sharpener.

Mike’s creation is incredibly loud, obnoxious, and kind of pointless given how few people actually rely on pencils any more. But those are all the same reasons as to why it’s so wonderful. Sometimes the only justification you need for a project like this is because you just want to see if you can. [YouTube via Damn Geeky]


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Farquest de Jamal

Andrew, have you never heard of (for real) artisanal pencil sharpening?