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A Grappling Hook Coat Hanger for Ninjas, Mountaineers, and Cat Burglars

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Even if you've never scaled a mountain, snuck into a castle, or attempted to rob an art gallery, you might still have use for a grappling hook—particularly if you struggle to keep coats and other laundry off your floor.

In a pinch this $77 coat hanger could be used for covert infiltrations, but its creators instead envision you hanging it from the ceiling as a convenient place to toss coats, hats, or umbrellas—all without sacrificing an inch of floor space. And for safety's sake, the ends of the grapple's four arms are left flat and blunt so it doesn't puncture your garments—or your guests. [Oopsmark via Notcot]