Just because a pair of speakers uses Bluetooth doesn't mean they're going to sound like crap. Audyssey's Wireless Bluetooth Speakers received several surprising rave reviews when they came out because they sound great and look handsome, too. But they were pricey.

Right now Woot's tech deal is a pair of Audyssey Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, which were well liked by Giz alum Sam Biddle. He concluded:

The speakers look great and sound fantastic, but $300 is a lot for Bluetooth stereo.... But if a 2.0 setup that pretty much every device that everyone owns will be able to send music to—and sound terrific—is worth $300 to you, then yes. But that's quite a bit—I'd recommend waiting for a sale or price drop.

The price has finally dropped. After shipping at Woot they're $105. Amazon's still selling them for $184. The MSRP is $300. They're new, not refurbished. They come with a one-year warranty. It's a good deal. [Woot via 9to5Toys]

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Audyssey Wireless Bluetooth Speakers ($105) | Woot via 9to5Toys | Normally $200


A lot of reviewers agree that if you must attach a keyboard to your iPad, the best one is Logitech's Ultraslim model. A refurbished one is $40 over at 1saleaday right now. [1SaleaDay]

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Far Cry 3 ($30) | Amazon
Dishonored ($30) | Amazon

MLB 13 The Show ($40) | Amazon


Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition ($20) | Amazon

Far Cry 3 ($30) | Amazon

Dishonored ($30) | Amazon


New Audyssey Wireless Bluetooth Speakers ($105) | Woot via 9to5Toys | Originally $200


Vibram Five Fingers KSO Trek ($31) | REI via Ben's Bargains | Originally $60

Low-Top Converse White Sneakers ($40) | Nordstrom via Reddit | Originally $60

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Dumb TV → Smart TV


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The Complete ER Seasons 1-15 ($150) | Amazon via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $200

Digital Media

I don't think I can emphasize enough how amazing the current Madden deal—yesterday's deal of the day—is. Sure, some of you aren't NFL fans, and that's OK. But if you've ever had a desire to watch a game outside of your home market, you've got to take another look.

Essentially, it's an opportunity to stream live NFL games on your computer. That's not available anywhere else, for any price. (Last season, I idly remarked that I'd pay $340 for it, at $20 per game.) And if you want to sign up for satellite TV, it'll save you $300 off the list price for Sunday Ticket—which turns out to be a pretty hefty discount. It's a serious deal and we're pimping it again because we think it's the best content deal we've ever posted on Dealzmodo.

Plus, Madden. Sportsball. Et cetera. [Amazon]


No lappy.


It's gotta actually be a deal to make it onto the Desktops section.


10" 32GB Dell Windows RT Tablet ($300) | Dell via Ben's Bargains | Originally $400


27" Hanns-G LED 1080p Monitor ($200) | Newegg via Deals Kinja | Originally $250

27" LG IPS LED Display ($230) | Newegg via Dealmac | Originally $270 | Use coupon code HPNMQSV01




Nope. There were two lens listed, but they were just at normal pricing.

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120GB Samsung 840 ($90) | Amazon via 9to5Toys | Originally $120 | Encore from last week

180GB Intel SSD ($130) | Tiger Direct via Deals Kinja | Originally $200



Checkmark ($0) | iTunes via Lifehacker | Originally $5

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Battle of the Bulge ($7) | iTunes via Appshopper | Originally $10


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AccuWeather Platinum ($1) | Google Play via App-sales.net | Originally $3

Fangz HD ($1) | Google Play via App-sales.net | Originally $3


Adobe Lightroom 4 Full Version ($94) | B&H Photo via Photography Bay | Originally $120

Better LR4 deal right here from Newegg. Thanks The Stig's graphic designer c...!


Free Philately Catalog ($0) | Kenmore Stamp via Reddit

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