A Happy Dance for ISEE-3 First Contact

What happens when you successfully gain control of an abandoned spacecraft after decades? Disbelief, a happy dance, and hugs, of course.


The unedited video of the moment the engineering team realizes the craft is doing what they want is totally cute, even if the sound quality makes me want to apply a bandpass filter.


Corpore Metal

Yeah, the slow build up and nerdy hesitation (Both technical and emotional*) is wonderful to watch! Good job to the men and women of the Arecibo team! Handshakes and paper citations all round! Much respect and various feathers in your career hats!

You see them checking cables and confirming software output, slow but sudden grins and creeping agitation as they push around their mice and check their documentation. Then the victory dances and hugs.

Then the phone call, telling the outside world this has happened.

* Noted some hesitation in the hugging, fist bumps and high fives. This became easier as reality sank in. I totally recognize and empathize with that. Many of us nerds are uncomfortable with such display even when we're utterly overjoyed at whatever obscure thing we just succeed at. There are many reasons for this I think.