A Highlight of My Year: All Things D Conference This Week

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Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher's conference, All Things D, will be starting tonight, and I'm excited to be attending the entire event. You've got hours of great interviews between Walt and Kara and tech titans like Gates and Ballmer of Microsoft, Howard Stringer of Sony, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Tom Rogers of TiVo and Michael Dell of...Dell. This year, we don't get another Gates and Jobs talk, but we do get to listen to Mrs Bill, Melinda Gates talk about her work at The Foundation. This is without doubt my favorite conference of the year because the bullshit is kept to a minimum, there's always news and free ice cream. And Powerpoint is banned from all presentations. My only complaint is that I generally end up liveblogging 5 hours a day solo at this thing, which isn't what I call a walk in the park. [AllThingsD]


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Make sure to use flash photography. Ballmer may break free of his Kensington tether and run amok during the conference, much to our interweb-based amusement.