A Letter To Trekstor RE: Racist iBeat Blaxx MP3 Player

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Dear Trekstor

Your PR division sucks/may never have learnt how to read aloud. Given both of those possibilities are not mutually exclusive, we have a strong inclination to believe both statements are true. You are doing a great job at proving us right, all thanks to your new iBeat blaxx MP3 player. Do not get us wrong, the little fascist music playing device looks quite the accomplished gadget. We are confident it plays just as well as you promise, but we have a little problem with the name. We are guessing, (not being complete morons), that anything named "iBeat blaxx," is probably not going to go down well with anyone who is not an absolute jerk-off. What do we know? Still, if you see the light and would like to apologise to all those many, many individuals you have offended, please feel free to drop us a line at tips@gizmodo.com. Further, as your publicity department could apparently not organise a piss up in a brewery with due competence, perhaps our trusted readership could assist you in the naming process? If you would like to take us up on our offer, please see below for suggestions.

Kind Regards


[Product Page via Shiny Shiny]

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Good call, Gizmodo. I'm waiting with bated breath for when Trekstor responds that it's okay because they've also got one called Whitee Suxx or ChinxR BadDrivrs.