A Little Bike With Big Wheels and No Chain

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The Full Circle, a compact city bike dreamed up by Sanghyun Jeong and Jun-tae Park for the Seoul Cycle Design Competition, has no chain and folds up for easy portability. I like it 'cause it looks like a lemur.


You know, those little guys with the oversized black eyes? But getting back to the bike—the Full Circle concept folds up so it can be rolled from place to place, and while it's certainly striking when it's in bike mode, it could probably pass for some weird piece of contemporary art when it's folded up.

The most interesting element of its design, though, is its chainless, free wheel gear system. Some designs have put forward some more plausible chainless designs—putting the pedals on the front wheel might make steering a little bit difficult, here—but that's why the expression's not "it's just like riding a weird Korean prototype free wheel gear bicycle." [designboom]