A Map of Who Doesn't Have Indoor Plumbing in the United States

Did you know that 1.6 million Americans don't have complete indoor plumbing? The American Community Survey published on Tuesday that says that nearly 630,000 occupied homes in the United States lack complete plumbing facilities*, and The Washington Post whipped it into a handy interactive map. How's your home state doing?

If you're from Connecticut, the answer is probably "pretty good." But other parts of the country—especially Appalachia, Indian reservations, and souther Texas—things aren't so civil. However, that 1.6 million figure is a little less shocking, when you consider the fact that a full quarter of Americans didn't have flush toilets in 1950. So be careful making outhouse jokes around the elderly. There's a good chance they used to have one.


* - The survey defined complete plumbing facilities as a toilet, a tub or shower, and running water. And since the Census says the average American home has 2.6 individuals, the 630,000 homes without full indoor plumbing contain about 1.6 million people. [Washington Post]

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