A Multi-Tool Designed For Eating Dinner, Not Hunting It

Combining a knife, a bottle opener, a can opener, a spoon, and a fork (with those last two working together as a spork) Baladeo's Eco133 folding cutlery set sheds as much unnecessary weight as possible so it tips the scale at a mere 52 grams.

Not only is it incredibly light and easy to travel with thanks to a locking folding design, it also splits in two so the knife and spork are separate utensils, facilitating fine dining even when you're roughing it. At $62 it's a bit pricey compared to the plastic alternatives that restaurants hand out for free, but you can't be expected to dine on delicacies like rabbit, squirrel, and 'possum with disposable cutlery can you?


[Baladeo via Gizmag]

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