Since its announcement, the iPhone 5 has been going over like gangbusters, but samsung's counterpunch might not be far behind. According to a report by The Korea Times, Samsung's new S IV flagship will be coming out March 2013, and could have an even bigger screen.


According to an anonymous executive, the S IV is due to be announced at Mobile World Congress in Spain, where its predecessor was announced the year before. The S IV might get a boost in size, gaining .2 inches on the S III to wind up at 5 inches on the dot; that's creeping up to Galaxy Note (5.3 inches) territory. This seems like it'd be a logical next iteration on the formula that's been treating them pretty well, so these rumors basically line up with plain ol' reasonable assumptions. We'll just have to wait to see whether they've got any surprises in store. [The Korea Times via Engadget]