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A New iPad Mini Might Ride Again in Early 2019

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The current iPad Mini 4 was originally introduced in 2015, and after almost three full years without a meaningful update, earlier this year I wrote that it might be time to give up hope about ever getting a new one. But if the latest reports are true, Apple’s smallest iPad might still have a shot at a comeback.

Based on info from the China Times (via 9to5mac), the new iPad Mini could be released sometime in early 2019 alongside a revamped standard iPad, with both refreshed iPads potentially going into production before the end of the year.


Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be any additional information on what the new iPad Mini will look like or details regarding possible new features. But at the bare minimum, it’s probably safe to expect an updated processor (the iPad Mini 4 is still using a Apple A8 chip from 2014) and a more modern screen with slimmer bezels.

As for the new standard iPad, an update this soon would be a minor surprise, as Apple revamped its mainstream tablet earlier this year in April. However, the latest iPad model didn’t offer a ton of new features aside from a new CPU and support for the Apple Pencil, so it wouldn’t be a stretch for Apple to do a more comprehensive update that brings the standard iPad more in line with the new iPad Pros. 


According to the China Times, the new iPad would come with a slightly larger 10-inch display (up from 9.7-inches on the current version) with narrower borders and a new “industrial design.” Ideally, that new iPad’s body would also be more substantial than the one on the new iPad Pros, so we don’t run into any more stories about bent iPads.

The China Times says the two new iPads should help bolster Apple’s flagging tablets sales, thanks to their more affordable price tags. But for everyone out there hoping the iPad Mini might ride again, this is tiny sign of life. And if you’ve been waiting this long for a new iPad Mini, sitting tight for another three or four months shouldn’t be too hard, right?

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