A New Pacific Rim Otachi figure that's 18 inches of Kaiju awesomeness

NECA's Pacific Rim line of action figures has gone from strength to strength since it launched last year - and it's about to get even better with this beautiful new Kaiju figure set to terrorise your toy shelf.


This is the first time NECA have made a toy version of Otachi - star of the movie's pivotal brawl in Hong Kong - and it doesn't disappoint. In scale to the range's 7-inch Jaeger action figures, Otachi matches the robots for height, but also happens to be 18 inches long as well. That's a lot of plastic Kaiju.

According to NECA the figure will have 30 points of articulation, as well as an alternate mouth piece to replicate the Kaiju's acid-spitting attack on Cherno Alpha (poor, poor Cherno *sniffles*).

The Deluxe Otachi Action Figure will be out January 2015.


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