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A New Science Fiction Anthology About Exoplanets That Really Exist

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

People keep writing science fiction stories about their own made-up planets — but there are plenty of real exoplanets out there to obsess about now. And two scientists from the Kepler Spacecraft decided to gather some sort fiction about them.

Steve Howell is a lead scientist on Kepler, an astronomer at Kitt Peak, and the lead guitar and harmonica player in the AKA Blues Band — and now, to those accomplishments, he can add co-editing a science fiction anthology, Kepler's Dozen. He and Kitt Peak telescope operator David Lee Summers co-edited a book of realistic stories about exploring the planets that Kepler discovered, now that the Kepler mission has been put on hold.

As the Arizona Daily Star explains:

The characters in "Kepler's Dozen" use warp drives and wormholes to get around the distance problem and genetic transformation to adapt to less than ideal conditions on the 13 Kepler planets featured in the collection of short stories.

Howell has fact-checked each story for fidelity to what is known about its host planet and each tale begins with a chart giving the planet's known characteristics.


You can order the anthology here.