A paper doll Jayne Cobb to dress up of your very own

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Okay, so it's magnets and not paper like the dress-up-dolls of your childhood, but now you can stick your very own Hero of Canton on the fridge - and dress him as you see fit!

This cute little magnet set comes with Jayne in naught but his underpants (insert your 'I'll be in my bunk' joke here), as well as a variety of clothes, guns and other accessories to outfit him in - and a bunch of Firefly-themed words so you can make up a few sentences of your own too:


It's a shame Jayne's the only member of the Serenity's crew that you can get (so far) in this form - pants-only versions for all! - but it'll have to do. If you're interested, you can pick up Jayne on Think Geek for $8. A fun little Christmas gift for the browncoats in your life!

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