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A Perfect Evening: 200 Inches, a PS3 and Thee

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Those Japanese gadget critics must have it pretty cushy out there, if Yoshio Ohara's colossal PS3 setup is any indication. Not only does he get to play his PS3 games on a 200-inch screen, but he also gets to splurge on a $1,200 HDMI cable.


Let's hope the high price on that cable is some kind of translation error, because if you're paying $1200 for an HDMI cable, we have some prime real estate in south-central Florida to show you. Nevertheless, this is one jaw-dropping set up, rivaling those dudes who set up a movie theater to play bowling games on their Wii.


PS3 at 200 Inches with Thousand Dollar Cable [Kotaku]

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I am sorry but i have found 50ft hdmi cables for 100 bucks, and the premium ones were 150 bucks. Unless that 1200 cable is also 1200% better, they can kiss my rear. I bet at most it could be 5% better quality at that range of 20ft. The hdmi cable is supposed to be a lil sketchy at around 30ft. So if you spend 1200 on a 20ft cable, then you obviously are very lucky because nobody would spend that much unless they are lucky winners of the lotto. In other words, people who have money are usually smart enough not to blow money on wires. I wouldnt spend that much on my optical cables at my work, let alone my own money at home.

10,000$ on tv= cool tv

600$ on PS3 = cool game system

1200$ on wires = priceless hahaha