A Plush-Disguised Camera Lets Drivers Keep an Eye On Back-Seat Infants

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There are plenty of distractions you should be ignoring while driving, like your smartphone. But others, like your infant in a car seat behind you, you simply can't ignore. So instead of taking your eyes off the road to turn around and check on them, or futzing with your rear-view mirror, the Always in View straps a covert wireless camera to any seat, sending a constant live-view of junior to a display on your dashboard.


By hiding the camera in the nose of a stuffed animal, a child will be more likely to pay attention to it. It also means it will hopefully be ignored by thieves who don't realize the $200 plush toy is packing a wireless HD wide-angle camera with night vision, and a four-hour rechargeable battery.


The dash-mounted 3.5-inch display presumably draws power from your vehicle, which means there's one less device to charge. And in addition to providing a constant live-stream of your child while driving, the system should also serve as a reminder to new parents that there's now an extra passenger onboard when they stop and get out. [Infanttech]

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Titanius Anglesmith

What could possibly happen to a baby in a carseat (obviously other than injury from a crash)??? They're strapped into what looks like the world's comfiest throne.