We've shared this deal through Amazon a few times in the past, but if you missed out on the excellent C720 Chromebook, you can grab a refurb again today for just $150.

Acer C720 Chromebook | $150

Everyone's talking about the Fire TV, but that headphone jack on the remote is a killer feature, and the price is pretty great to boot.

Refurb Roku 2 | $57

This carry-on bag from TravelPro is a Wirecutter budget choice for best luggage, and is basically the same bag that airlines give their pilots and flight attendants.

TravelPro Luggage Crew 9 22" Rollaboard Bag | $143

We've found a couple of good deals on RAVPower external chargers today. The $15 lipstick charger is super-portable, good for about a full phone charge, and normally sells for $20. If you need more capacity, $26 will get you a 10,400 mAh pack today at Newegg as well.

Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S5 just went on sale yesterday, and Verizon users can grab it for $100 from Amazon. Based on the Gizmodo review, this is the new best Android phone for a lot of people, especially if you value battery life and picture quality, which you should. [Amazon]

Samsung Galaxy S5 [Verizon] | $100

If you're in need of a serious stylus, The Wacom Intuos Creative iPad Stylus is sporting Bluetooth 4.0 and will play very nicely with your app of choice. Lowest price ever of $70 today. [Amazon]

Anker 4-Port 36W USB Wall/Travel Charger | $20

Own the entirety of The West Wing, one of the best television shows ever, for under $100 today. Use code SAVINGS to bring it down to 98 bucks. Bartlet for America.

The West Wing Complete Series | $98 | Promo Code SAVINGS

The insane deal that is the Bioshock Triple Pack made Bioshock Infinite our second most popular game of 2013. Today brings you another chance to get all three Bioshocks for just $13 using code EMCPFWE84.

Bioshock Triple Pack | $13 | Promo Code EMCPFWE84

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  • CopyLess ($2) | Normally $7 | Clipboard manager
  • Sketch 3 ($50) | Launch sale | Professional design suite

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