Pizza Hut stopped tasting good a long time ago. The company’s recent parody of selfie sticks, however, is spot on.

According to the video’s earnest narrator, our selfies face an existential threat. What, you ask, could endanger the sacred selfie? None other than the absurd stick invented to turn every life experience into a desperately angled plea for social media likes.


“By moving the camera away from the central subject of the selfie, selfie sticks create the illusion that other objects, places, and even people exist,” narrator explains. “The curiosity generated by this new point of view leads our self-focused friends out into a much wider world, and that leads to disaster.”

To be fair, the video is actually an ad for a new kind of pizza, one “so big it doesn’t fit into a traditional selfie.” But it’s also a much needed public service announcement. Enjoy. [Digital Trends]

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