A Real-Life Version of Doom's BFG Reveals Just How Gigantic It Really Is

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Doom is known for being one of the original multiplayer first-person shooters that let you and your friends run around blasting each other to pieces. But most players probably instead remember it fondly for the BFG, the ultimate blaster upgrade that now exists in real-life, too.


Anyone who’s played Doom knows that the BFG is one massive weapon, but the game’s publisher, Bethesda, recently commissioned a 3D-printed version be made for a contest. When you see the real-life version of the BFG actually being held by someone, it becomes clear just how gigantic and dominating this blaster really is.

Bethesda reached out to the team at MyMiniFactory, who specialize in 3D printing, to bring the BFG to life. After prepping a 3D model of the weapon from recent versions of the Doom video game, the company used over 26 pounds of plastic filament, which were fed to 3D printers churning out parts for over 1,000 hours. All-in-all the prep, printing, and painting of the replica took over a month, and the final version needs more than one person to carry it around.


But don’t be upset if you didn’t win the contest, or don’t even remember hearing about it. MyMiniFactory has posted the 3D-printable plans for its BFG replica on its website, free to download, if you have access to a 3D printer and thousands of hours of free time.

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