A Remote Control Cooler Lets You Throw a Party From Your Hammock

It might already be September but there are still a few more weeks of summer to enjoy, especially with the kids back in school. So take a Friday off, throw a huge pool party for the office, and put a couple of Pepsi's remote control coolers to work delivering drinks and tunes to all of your guests.

Apparently Pepsi won't officially start selling this wonderful creation on its website until tomorrow, but you can order one today from C3 Custom Cooler Creations' own site for just $375. That's a bit pricey for a cooler, without a doubt, but in addition to keeping up to 30 cans ice cold, this backyard rover has a sound system, headlights, and can be remote controlled from the comfort of your floating pool chair—up to 100 feet away. So you can deliver drinks like the perfect host, while still relaxing and actually enjoying your party. [C3 Custom Cooler Creations via Darren Rovell (Twitter)]


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