A Retina Display-Matching WebOS Device Is Sneaking Around

For the second time this month, an app developer has caught an unreleased WebOS 2.0 device with a 640x960 display using their wares. There's no telling whether it's a new WebOS phone, or something else entirely.

Apple's darling Retina Display is, of course, not a resolution, but a pixel density, so the same dazzling graphics won't mean appear if this resolution is applied to a larger display (as could be the case with HP's rumored tablet). But the possibility of another mobile device to rival the iPhone 4's popping screen is an exciting one. [Boy Genius Report]

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it the dimensions:resolution ratio what makes the retina display a retina display? Having this resolution as a 9" tablet wouldn't be as impressive.