Rumor: HP's WebOS Tablet "Hurricane" Coming Out In Q3 2010

Here's a brief history of the internet's infatuation with the idea of a Web OS tablet: First we heard that HP was buying Palm. Interesting! Then we heard that the Windows 7-running HP Slate was canceled. Very interesting. Now, a post on the Examiner citing "industry insiders" says that a WebOS tablet dubbed "Hurricane" could be arriving as soon as Q3 of this year. It certainly seems like HP would try to get such a product out as quickly as possible, though there's nothing in this report that's substantial enough to get too excited about. Still, I want to believe, and so I will. [Examiner via Engadget]


Well the tablets already ready to go. Just need to go recompile the kernel for a new processor and then optimize for whatever sized screen.

If you beat iPhone OS4 out to the iPads then you would have multitasking, and something that Apple cant do. The notifications at the bottom of the screen. Email and IM notifications.

Sure the app markets still slim on fart apps. But with any kind of market penetration that can and will change