A Round Ping Pong Table With a Spinning Net Makes College Even Harder

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The average college student spends the majority of their time either playing foosball or ping pong. It's arguably one of the most vital skills you can leave higher education with, but it's important to keep improving yourself after graduation. And that's why this round ping pong table with a net that's free to spin is a must-have.

Not only does the Ping Meets Pong table facilitate more than just four players, it can also blur the lines between who's on whose team. Or, with a net that's free to rotate, it will provide even more of a workout as players struggle to stay on their respective sides.


It's not all play, though. The net can be easily removed and replaced with a spinning lazy susan, so the table can be used for dining or even work. And its multifunction capabilities might just help justify the its $3,300 price tag. If anything, it's a better investment than a constantly spinning pool table for your den. [Walking Chair Design Studio Shop via Fancy]