Long before Samsung's Galaxy Gear entered the picture with its colorful LCD display, Tissot introduced a touchscreen watch to help alleviate button clutter. It was far from what we would now consider 'smart', but it made accessing the T-Touch's various functions a lot easier. And while the latest version still doesn't connect to your smartphone, it's now able to soak up the sun for near-infinite battery life.


Compared to the myriad smartwatches that are coming and already released, the T-Touch Expert Solar doesn't pack a lot of functionality into its half-screen monochrome LCD display. The standard ABC basics (altimeter, barometer, and compass) of an outdoor watch are included, but there's no wireless syncing or any connectivity whatsoever.

Sure, that means the watch won't remind you about upcoming meetings, but it also won't need to be charged every night. So as long as you spend some time in the sun every few days, you may never need to swap out the battery. [Tissot via aBlogtoWatch]