A Safer Way To Clean Your Camera's Sensor

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Dust on your camera's sensor is a tormenting problem made worse by the fact that attempting to clean it is slightly risky. The Sensor Gel Stick could offer an easier and safer way to go about getting grime off the delicate surface.


The idea is simply to dab the sticky gel lightly on the image sensor, lifting away tiny bits of dust and dirt. It's a much more appealing proposition than rubbing any kind of liquid or linty swab over the sensor.

Apprently gel sticks like this haver been around for a while in manufacturer repair centers, and PetaPixel helpfully points to a Vimeo video where you can see one being used during the assembly of a Leica. Don't be overconfident though. Any time you touch ANYTHING to your camera's sensor, there are risks, and you should be extremely careful. That said, if you are having sensor dust issues, the $40 Sensor Gel Stick may be worth a shot. Happy cleaning! [Petapixel via FStoppers]