A Samsung Galaxy S5 Recorded Its Fall From a Plane and Its Miraculous Safe Landing

For fear of its screen shattering, you probably do everything you can to prevent your fragile smartphone from falling even just a few feet. But Blake Henderson accidentally tested the limits of a Samsung Galaxy S5's durability when he dropped it from a plane, only to later discover it recorded both the skydive, and its miraculously safe landing hundreds of feet below.


While attempting to capture video of another aircraft flying alongside the plane he was in, Henderson had the Samsung Galaxy S5 sucked right out of his hand. For safety reasons, Henderson was filming from inside his craft with the window open, but the phone plummeted for about 1,000 feet before it landed in the soft soil of someone’s garden, which is clearly what allowed the device to survive the incident.

We’ve reached out to Blake Henderson’s nephew, Robert Ryan, who uploaded the Galaxy S5's fall to YouTube after the phone was found and eventually returned to its rightful owner. Specifically, we’re curious as to the condition of the phone after it landed. Do the buttons still work? Did the screen get cracked? Is the gyroscope sensor completely scrambled now? Does Samsung still build their smartphones like skydiving tanks?


[YouTube via Reddit]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I’m actually not that surprised. Because of the thin flat profile, the terminal velocity of a phone is probably not that high.