A Short Film About The Infinitely Various Paths Through Daily Life

A Truncated Story of Infinity is a short film, written and directed by Paul Trillo, that explores the endlessly ramifying possibilities that are born of the decisions (seemingly major or minor) and actions (conscious or otherwise) of our daily lives.


Inspired by the discussion of parallel universes in physicist Brian Greene's The Hidden Reality, Trillo's film passes one man's life through the prism of circumstance to reveal the infinity of latent possibilities hidden in every day. It is an instrument through which many of us have wished to examine our own lives, and is used here to poignant effect.

"Following a day in the life of Vincent, 'Subject X' and his many variations that exist throughout the universe," writes Trillo, "the story begins to fracture into different threads when he follows a would be lover down the street."

[ Paul Trillo]