A Slim New Crop of Touchscreen Sony Readers Arrive in Town

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And lo, the slim and cheap Sony Readers we heard about have arrived, and only the flagship Daily Edition dons a 3G and Wi-Fi coat. All models have new Pearl e-ink displays, 2GB of memory—and touchscreens.

Those Pearl e-ink displays boast of greater touch sensitivity, contrast and speed, and come bundled with a stylus for jotting notes right there on the pages.


The three models all have 2GB of memory and SD card slot (with Memory Stick Pro support!), with the only new difference between the three being the presence of 3G and Wi-Fi for the Daily Edition.

The PRS-350 Pocket Edition is now $180 and weighs 159 grams, measuring 8.38mm thick, the PRS-650 Touch Edition is $229 with a 224 grams weight and 9.65mm thick body, and the PRS-950 Daily Edition is $299, and weighs 254 grams. Too bad the future's not looking so rosy for Sony Reader. [CrunchGear]