Sony Reader, You Are So Dead

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According to ChangeWave, the Kindle is going to have a hard time surviving the incoming iPad wave. In a 3171-people survey on users looking to buy an ebook reader, 40% said they were planning to buy the iPad.


Comparatively, 28% wanted to get the Amazon Kindle, despite having a longer life, more titles in the store, and allegedly offering a better book reading experience than the iPad thanks to its electronic ink technology. The 28% to 40% comparison is higher than we thought, actually, with Kindle still doing fairly well in comparison to Apple's do-everything device.

The reason the iPad scored higher? Most probably, ereader shoppers are more excited about the color screen, Apple's design, and the multiple functions that the iPad can offer, compared to the single-function nature of Amazon's black-and-white, no multitouch, no fancy-schmancy design electronic reader. It'll be interesting to see what Kindle 3 brings, since Amazon is working on a full color, multitouch version. [ChangeWave]


For the kind of content most people are going to want to 'read', the iPad, once viewed as web appliance/eReader, is close to ideal.

Web pages, magazines, newspapers, manga, and stuff we haven't even thought of.

Books, not so much. In this screen iteration. Stevie boy thinks ahead he does. He knows that if, in a year, he can offer, say Pixel Q tech. Well, that's another million units sold isn't it?

People love their colour. And colour is better, better to see, better to convey emotion, better to remember, just better.

Yeah, so the Kindle is dead.

I still don't like this myself so much, but I am not the market. Give me Pixel Q, and I am the market.

Steve may have been playing transcendental chess with us again.