A Slingshot Bow and Arrow: Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

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There's a reason very few hunters wander out into the woods armed with a slingshot. They can be deadly for smaller game, but you're probably not going to fell a buck with one. Unless you happen to be slingshot madman Joerg Sprave, and your slingshot fires friggin arrows.

Referring to his latest creation as a 'slingshot' might be a of a bit of a stretch (pun intended!) since Sprave has basically created a bow that uses elastics instead of tightened string. But the advantage to such a system is that the elastics can be easily swapped with thicker, stronger versions—like the tubing from a speargun which makes this weapon particularly lethal.

And this time around he's even included instructions on how to build your own, even if granting such power to the masses is a terrible, terrible idea. [YouTube]