A Sofa That Encourages You To Lose Things Between the Cushions

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Even though the cushions on your couch can be a black hole for everything from pocket change to the TV remote, they're also a handy place to quickly hide stuff when company visits. And it's that exact idea that inspired Jess Fügler's Jam Sofa.

A set of stacked cushions provide a deep crevasse in the middle where you can store magazines, various remotes, and probably even a sandwich and a handful of Doritos for later. The possibilities are endless. The sofa—or lounge to be more exact—also does away with the need for a coffee table as a place to keep coffee table books. And even standing lamps are no longer necessary thanks to a custom lighting accessory that can slide between the cushions.

It's like a modern take on the piano bench, except that you're able to sprawl out and relax on it, instead of sitting uncomfortably practising the scales when you'd rather be watching TV. Speaking of which, where did that remote go?...


[Jess Fügler via The Fancy]