Vacations are funny things: You pour so much time, energy, and daydreaming into them that, in the end, the reality rarely lives up to what you imagined as you refreshed Travelocity all those months. But if that imaginary perfect trip had a perfect sound, it would be the Portland-and NYC-based Akron/Family's Island.

I first discovered this song, off of Akron/Family's fifth LP, during what would qualify as the polar opposite of what it sounds like: In the dead of one of the worst winters of the last few decades, in the middle of a brutal bout of work, as a close friend struggled to recover from a terrible accident. It was a sad time, and this track was like an auditory fire to warm my brain by during those long late night trips home on the G.


Several winters and summers later, Island is still a great song: Its steady, simple beat and far-off, atmospheric ripples. It sounds like paradise, even if our attempts to find it on Kayak always fall short. [Spotify]

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