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A true survival story about a crazy fishing trip gone wrong

Red Bull is animating crazy surfer stories and this one from surfer Dean 'Dingo' Morrison is a doozy. It starts when he decides to buy a boat to try and catch the biggest fish he can. But him and his friends get too drunk and capsize the boat and end up swimming from island to island in search of rescue.


Red Bull writes:

"I was 27, indestructible, and had a bit of money," says Morrison. "When people started hassling me about never having caught a decent fish I figured I'd show them. Besides, I had nothing better to do. I went and bought the best boat I could, and set out to catch the biggest thing I could find."

When Gold Coast waters proved barren, Dingo enlisted a motley crew of mates – Paul Fisher, Dazza Scott, Shaun and Dean Harrington – to head up to Great Barrier Reef, where fish are plentiful and people few. Success would have seemed assured, but with the rabble he'd enlisted as crew, Dingo's trip turned out anything but triumphant.


The whole fun story is animated below.

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