A Space Oops Leads to a Misunderstanding in Super-Short Sci-fi Tale Floaters

“Who, us?”
“Who, us?”
Screenshot: Dust

In space, nobody can hear you be a complete buffoon—unless you’re speaking to them directly about how, exactly, you painted the wrong number on the side of your own ship.


That’s what happens in Floaters, a short sci-fi comedy from Karl Poyzer and Joseph Roberts. Posted on Dust, Floaters features the very droll voices of Rachel Stubbings, Daniel Hoffmann-Gill, and Jake Yapp, and manages to build a complete story in four minutes without ever going inside either spaceship.

Next time, double-check your work, lest some huge ship with a very annoyed captain come after you for all those misdirected “parking violations and airspace infringements”!

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Honestly, this was one of the better shorts I’ve seen here. Loved this. Very cute and lovely, and just executed wonderfully by everyone.