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A Spacesuit-Inspired Jacket Protects You From Winter's Vacuum of Warmth

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The spacesuits worn by astronauts protect them from the vacuum, extreme cold, and increased radiation of space. And while Spacelife's spiffy new jacket doesn't provide quite as much protection, it will help you live out your astronaut fantasies while at least keeping freezing temperatures at bay.


Not only does the Spacelife Jacket look the part with random patches adornments and a non-functional aluminum port on the front, it's also made from a trilobal fiber that's waterproof and reflective to keep you safe in the darkness of space, or at night.


And while the technology used in this faux spacesuit can't quite compare to what goes into the real thing, it does boast built-in Bluetooth speakers in the hood and playback buttons stitched into the cuff. If you want one you'll have to be patient, though. You can pre-order the Spacelife Jacket now, but you won't get your hands on it until September of next year. And it will cost you just north of $1,800. Expensive, sure, but still considerably cheaper than the $12,000,000 you'd need to buy the real thing. [Spacelife via Notcot]