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A Star Trek Clock Built From Micro Machines

Illustration for article titled A Star Trek Clock Built From Micro Machines

For months you've been looking at that handmade Star Wars clock from Etsy, shaking with fury that Star Trek got shafted, again. But now, the tables have turned, haven't they?


Priced at $110, the clock is comprised of 12 vintage Action Fleet Micro Machines, finished in "pewter-like" color. You can even request your favorite mix of ships for the order. (No one's stopping you from getting smarmy and asking for 12 cloaked Klingon vessels...just don't expect everyone you know to get the joke). [Etsy via GeekyGadgets via CrunchGear]

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Beautiful. If the cap over the hands in the middle the station from DS9? I wasnt a huge fan of that particular series, but it looks familiar. (Maybe Far Point?)