A Stormtrooper Bouquet Is an Even Better Way to Say 'I Love You (and Star Wars)'

Yesterday we mistakingly declared that a bouquet of tiny dinosaurs was the best Valentine’s Day gift—we were wrong. If you really want someone to know you love them, or you’re sorry, or you’re trying to rule the galaxy, it’s better said with a bouquet of assorted Star Wars characters.


At $60 each bouquet is about as expensive as a dozen roses, but the nine plush Star Wars figures included in each don’t need to be quickly put into a vase full of water, and they certainly won’t be wilted and dead in a week’s time.

There are three versions of the Star Wars bouquets available from ThinkGeek: one with all droids, one with Vader and a battalion of Stormtroopers, and one with an assortment of popular characters from the three original films. And all three come wrapped in crepe paper with a big matching bow so placing an order is all the Valentine’s Day effort you need to muster.


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