A Story of Steve Jobs and Gizmodo

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This is a really sad day. I sort of can't explain it. I feel helpless and wistful and overwhelmingly sad. By the time I got here, Gizmodo was already an unspoken name at Apple HQ. A publication pariah.


But it wasn't always that way. According to our former editor, Brian Lam, Steve used to be a fan; he used to read the site 3 to 4 times a day. That was before we got our hands on his phone, of course. You should really read Brian's piece on his history with Jobs—it's definitely his personal story, but It's the best thing Blam has written in years. And it's a great read. [The Wirecutter]


Rodney McKay

If this was the worst thing Gizmodo ever did (alas, it wasn't...), then they'd be pretty decent. Giz has probably suffered more from this than has Apple (though, the publicity might outweigh the loss of access to Apple). How did it hurt Apple? It might have briefly decreased iPhone 3GS sales, but it obviously didn't persuade anyone to buy something other than an iPhone. And, Apple is still selling the 3GS, so it's not like the article caused those poor rich folks to get stuck with unsalable inventory.

At the time of Steve's death, It seems sad to have "hurt" Apple. And I suppose it's also unfortunate for Brian that he lost his friendly relationship with the company. But the whole "stolen" prototype thing has been blown way, way out of proportion by a lot of self-righteous people who would probably do something similar under the same circumstances.

On the other hand, some of the racist hate-mongering stuff Giz has more recently been guilty of is way over the line. I'm not going to be specific because I don't want to get banned, but you all know what I'm referring to. That's what should be getting people up in arms, not this cat-and-mouse game with Apple.