Kids are already a pretty fantastic workout since they require constant attention, but if you find your fitness routine hindered by having to deal with a cumbersome stroller, you'll probably be intrigued by the KidRunner. It's a new take on the stroller that's pulled instead of pushed, letting you easily bring your kids along for a run or a jog by strapping a mini U-Haul trailer to your belt.


It's designed to accommodate kids from six months to four or five years old, or up to 45 pounds. The KidRunner connects to a cushioned belt on a runner leaving their arms free to naturally move while run running. Between the belt and the actual stroller that rolls along with a pair of bicycle wheels is a flexible bow that dampens the up and down motion of a runner so that a kid in tow isn't being constantly bounced around. Because kids and motion sickness go hand in hand.

Made from lightweight composite materials, the aim is a stroller alternative that weighs no more than 20 pounds and collapses into a backpack for easy transportation and storage. Unfortunately, if the KidRunner seems like the perfect stroller for you, you'll have to wait a little longer to get one. It's not expected to be available until later this year.

[KidRunner via Taxi]


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