A Strong Rumor: Apple's Tablet Won't Have a Camera

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In a brief post this morning reminding readers that cellular carriers do not necessarily get sneak peeks of Apple's top-secret products, Daring Fireball's John Gruber said that his (often reliable) sources suggest that Apple's tablet will not have any camera.


Gruber, who has an imperfect but pretty solid track record on these matters, suggests that the Apple's tablet will not be any sort of videophone game changer, as has been widely speculated. In fact, he hears it won't have a camera at all:

And, for what it's worth, I'm hearing there is no camera, webcam or otherwise, on The Tablet.

So if you were looking forward to revolutionizing the way you interacted with your friends and family across the globe by holding this thing in front of your face all summer long, you might be disappointed. [Daring Fireball]


Nick Livingston

When has Apple ever given their customers features they actually want? Wouldn't it be easier to write down a list of features we want the new apple i(blank) to have, and then in the coming weeks to its launch just mark each and every one of them off?