A Subway Map of All the Best Coffee Shops In NYC

Here's a map that shows you all the best places to get your coffee fix in New York, based on the subway line. How convenient!

We could sit here and argue all day on how the map doesn't list all the different branches of the same shops, or that it leaves out all the great spots in Brooklyn and Queens, or how that one place is a real jerk about the free Wi-Fi. Also please ignore the Harlem Starbucks that has been included for some reason. Some of the best places are on this map (Irving Farm, La Columbe Torrefaction, and so many more). Opinions aside, the map is very clever. There's also one floating around for the London Tube. Now if only New York City trains were running properly in this god awful weather so we could actually, you know, get to some of these coffee stops. [r/NYC via @_Cooper]


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